Enjoy wandering around the moments, sliced out of reality and frozen in time by Moretea of LIQUID EYE, a travelling photographer and digital content creator for events, stage-shows, print- and online media, based in Berlin, Germany. If you're interested in buying framed prints or learn more about the services LIQUID EYE provides, feel free to visit the following sites:

A variety of architectural shots from around the world. Not necessarily the typical images you might expect concerning this topic, but hey ... that's the LIQUID EYE way to see the world. See for yourself and enjoy the discovery.
Reflections and wild edits of the HKW Berlin Charlottenburg, a Heating Power Plant.
Element of Surprise
Discover and enjoy all sorts of unusual sights 'n things in this unsorted mixed photo basket full of surprises from the attic of time.
Pinhole Photography
Welcome to my experiments with the professional Pinhole Pro X Zoom "Lens" for DSLR Cameras from Thingyfy. Technically it is not a lens. It's a high precision hole with a diameter of less than a millimeter in a CNC machined piece of aluminium. It is available with mounts for the most common DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market. The Pro X version for Canon DSLRs that i'm using here on my 5D mkIII has the following specs: 0,25mm Hole Ø / Aperture Size, 40-60mm focal length, 55-74° FOV, 150g weight. And because it's an actual hole, i attached a 55mm UV Filter to it to keep my sensor safe from harm.
Discover and enjoy a collection of Earth's creatures i met wherever i roamed this planet.
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