Enjoy wandering around the moments, sliced out of reality and frozen in time by Moretea of LIQUID EYE, a travelling photographer and digital content creator for events, stage-shows, print- and online media, videotechnician and show operator, based in Berlin, Germany. If you want to buy framed prints or learn more about the services LIQUID EYE provides, feel free to visit the following sites:

Shots from several visits to the beautiful city of love, the capital of France at the Seine.
Follow me and enjoy a nice relaxed summer walk through some parts of the beautiful city of Lyon, that makes it pretty easy to fall in love with on a warm and sunny day.
Somewhere in Berlin
Take a walk with me and enjoy discovering some interesting and sometimes unusual sights and things my hometown has to offer.
España, Olé!
Is there anything more interesting, informative, mind changing and satisfying than travelling, meeting people speaking foreign languages from other cultures, trying unusual food and catching beautiful moments while doing that? In this case you'll find impressions from the south of Spain.
Some impressions of Budapest from a short working trip in the summer of 2019 on one of the hottest days there. The temperature that day was around 35 degrees celsius or more.
Food & Drinks
A variety of shots of everything you can eat and drink. Sometimes abstract or even funny, but most of the time delicious eye candy.
Architecture and Stuff
A variety of architectural shots from around the world. Not necessarily the typical images you might expect concerning this topic, but hey ... that's the LIQUID EYE way to see the world. See for yourself and enjoy the discovery.
Element of Surprise
Discover and enjoy all sorts of mixed and sometimes unusual sights 'n things in this unsorted photo collection full of surprises from the attic of time.
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